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  • Cookies are "reminders", short "text lines" which include informations that can be saved on the user's computer when the browser (i.e. Chrome or Internet Explorer) launches a specific website. Thanks to the cookies, the server sends informations that are reread and updated every time the user goes back to the website. In this way, the website can automatically adapt to the user, improving the navigation experience.

  • Why cookies?

    Cookies are used for several purposes. They have different characteristics, and they can be used both by website owner and third parties. Cookies are mainly used for: - improving the website navigation experience of the user - providing the website owner with informations about the users' navigation, in order to get stats data concerning the website use and improve the navigation - spreading advertising messages

    Technical cookies

    For the installation of technical cokies (navigation/session; type: analytics and functional) informing the user is obligatory. No user consent is required.

    Advertising/profile cookies

    The aim of this type of cookies is the creation of user profiles and they are used for sending targeted advertising messages, according to the preferences shown by the user himself while

    Wich cookies are used by

    Navigation/Session cookies Also known as technical cookies, these cookies are essential for navigating the website using all its functionalities, like private area access. Without these cookies, providing requested services would not be possible. These cookies do not collect informations for commercial purposes (ex. cookies set for supporting the security infrastructure of the society). This category of cookies can be disabled by entering the browser settings* In case of block: it is strongly not recommended blocking these cookies for functions such as authentication, validation, management of a navigation session and fraud prevention.

    Cookies Analytics These cookies collect and analyze in anonymous and/or aggregate way the informations concerning the website use of visitors (pages visited, etc...) in order to provide the user with a better navigation experience. These cookies do not collect informations that can somehow identify the user. This cookie category includes the cookies set by the following techonologic solutions: • Adobe Site Catalyst • DoubleClick • Google Analytics This category of cookies can be disabled by entering the browser settings* In case of block: exclusion from the calculation of the statistical parameters of navigation that allow analysis for site optimization.

    Functionality cookies These cookies allow to "remember" the choices made by the user and customize the website improving the contents. Informations collected by this kind of cookies are anonymous. This cookie category includes cookies set by the following technologic solutions: • Adobe Test & Target This category of cookies can be disabled by entering the browser settings* In case of block: block of testing functionality and consequent site visualization not optimized.

    The Opentech web site works at best if cookies are enabled. You can decide not to consent cookie settings on your pc; in order to do it, enter "Preferences" area of your browser. For more infos about the cookie settings select below the browser you are using: Chrome - Firefox - Internet Explorer - Opera - Safari If you disable the cookies, you may disable some functionality of the web site. Even with all the cookies disabled, your browser will keep on saving a small quantity of informations, necessary for the basic web site functionalities.

    Companies belonging to the Opentech Group, responsible for the application of the privacy policy:

    Opentech Software Engineering srl
    VAT N. IT07540981003
    Authorized capital:
    € 10,000,000.00

    Opentech Payment Services AG
    VAT N. CHE-282.317.438
    Authorized capital:
    CHF 100,000.00