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Opentech is a PCI DSS Service Provider

Level 1 (unlimited transactions)

Annually assessed by Qualified Security Assessor (QSA)

Company recognised by the PCI Council


We have the privilege of working with some of the most well known banks in the world and we don’t take this lightly.

Leveraging our product and services, our clients can provide their customers reliable and effective services.

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OpenPay™ ACS

eCommerce security made easy

Nowadays the explosive growth of e-commerce services has made the protection of online payments crucial for the business of a card issuer. In this scenario, a critical success factor is the availability of 3DS authentication services that are trustworthy, secure and able to not compromise the quality of the shopping experience of the Customers. OpenPay™ ACS is the State-of-the-Art 3DS authentication technology designed by Opentech to meet these needs in a distinctive way.

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OpenPay™ Send

The Money Transfer service for every need

OpenPay™ Send by Opentech is the first European solution in the world that integrates into a seamless product experience both the Mastercard Cross Border and Mastercard Person-to-Person API’s.
Thanks to its technical reliability, the service allows to reach more than three billion bank accounts in about 100 countries, as well as multiple end-points including mobile wallets, payment cards and cash-out locations across the globe.
Available both as a stand-alone product or as an SDK (mobile and web), OpenPay™ Send can perfectly fulfill any business strategy thanks to its flexibility: corridors, as well as pricing, can be defined and changed according to the evolving business needs.
The service also includes a dedicated Campaign Manager for effective and fast promotion of the service, and a turnkey Administration Portal to easily manage any aspect of the product strategy over time.

OpenPay™ Send has already been chosen by Swiss Bankers for their innovative money transfer service.

OpenPay™ Wallet

Convergent Wallet including remote and proximity payments to fulfill daily needs.

OpenPay™ Wallet, the mobile wallet service operated by Opentech, is the most complete wallet solution available on the market. The service includes both wallet server and mobile apps for iOS & Android, featuring a Strong Customer Authentication tool compliant with EBA guidelines and European regulations.

OpenPay™ Wallet has already been chosen by Swiss Bankers, CheBanca! (Mediobanca Group) and BNL (BNP Paribas Group) for their mobile payment solutions.

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OpenPay™ SCA

Strong Customer Authentication on the go

Authenticate users and authorize transactions in a secure and customer friendly way. Available as a standalone mobile app or as a library, OpenPay™ SCA supports both PIN or Biometric identification and comes already integrated with push notification support, in order to provide a seamless authentication and authorization experience with a single credential.

The OpenPay™ SCA has been chosen by ING Direct Bank Italy to securely authenticate all the transaction over multiple direct channels. It is also integrated in OpenPay™ products to deliver the maximum transaction security.

Supported platforms are iOS (PIN, TouchID and Face ID support) and Android (PIN and Fingerprint recognition support).

Opentech mBanking Framework

All your banking features on a smartphone

Whitelabel application and development framework built leveraging Opentech's experience in the development of mobile banking solutions for major European Banks. Supported features are financial overviews of current saving accounts, wire transfer, bill payment (via camera capture of Data Matrix and QRCode), credit and debit card management, trading online. Additional features may be easily integrated to provide a unique experience for your customers.

Supported platforms are iOS and Android, Smartphone or Tablet.


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