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    Opentech supports Swiss Bankers to embrace the digital payment revolution with their new Digital Card

    Today Swiss Bankers reached a major milestone in its digital payment strategy thanks to the revolutionary Digital Card product, the full-digital card that can be requested and activated in less than 5 minutes directly from the My Card app for Android (iOS version will be soon).

    The Digital Card is issued with a promotional value of 5 CHF and it can be immediately loaded, to be used both for proximity payments with Samsung Pay and for e-commerce purchases.
    The new app includes a full-digital process of KYC, to scan ID documents and verify users’ personal data, in order to extend the card’s limits.

    Digital Card is build on top of OpenPay, Opentech's full-stack payment solution: thanks to this product Opentech helps their Customers to innovate on the market through high value-added services that are characterized by a low impact on pre-existing IT infrastructures and a quick time to market.

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    Swiss Bankers adopts OpenPay’s 3DS Authentication System

    Swiss Bankers launches the innovative OpenPay's 3D Secure Payment Authentication System. Thanks to this new feature, Swiss Bankers’ Customers can use the My Card app to live a seamless e-commerce experience. Here is how it works: during the checkout, as soon as Customers enter their card data, a push notification with the details of the pending payment is sent to the My Card app; in order to authorize the purchase, they just have to authenticate within their app (by using the biometric recognition system or the confirmation PIN they created) and the job is done. A fallback to SMS is also available, according to the user's preference.

    OpenPay 3DS Protection System is integrated with the CA Technologies (Arcot Systems)’ ACS and is fully compliant with Mastercard Identity Check specifications.

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    OpenPay for Business to be presented next week at Finovate Europe in London

    Next week Opentech will be on the stage again at Finovate Europe in London to present OpenPay for Business, a suite of Payment Services tailored to the Enterprise market. The solution that includes web portal and dedicated mobile apps, has been designed to simplify companies’ daily activities by enabling valuable interactions between workers with different roles. Among the features that will be demoed: company performance analysis, expense tracking and receipt storage, payroll automation, management of company card limits and settings.

    Stay tuned for updates!

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    Opentech awarded Platinum Vendor in the Mastercard's worldwide Directory of Digital Wallet providers

    We are pleased to announce that Opentech has been assigned Platinum Vendor status in the Mastercard Engage Directory for Digital Wallets. The Directory lists digital partners offering solutions to help Mastercard's customers easier and quicker digitize their card portfolios and deploy their own Digital Wallets. “We are honored of being recognized as a leading partner of banks in the digital transformation of payments - declared Stefano Andreani, CEO of Opentech – We see this as an acknowledgment on the user-centered strategy which leads our product development.

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    Opentech expands their presence in the DACH region

    We are proud to announce the official launch of Opentech Payment Services AG, our new daughter company with an operating office in Zug (Switzerland). A strategic move to enforce our presence in the DACH region as payment service provider. Board Member Daniel Böhringer, highly skilled professional with an extensive experience of 23 years in the payment industry, joined the challenge being in charge of the Business Development for this strategic market. "People embrace mobile payment applications when they have been designed with usability and security as top priorities - said Daniel – In Opentech I’ve found a team of talented people who can bring exciting innovations to our markets”

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    BNL PAY and Hello! PAY​ Android apps can now make NFC Payments

    BNL PAY and Hello! PAY​ Android apps ​ -​ ​customized version of OpenPay live with BNL and Hello Bank!​ - now let you make proximity payments in all physical stores equipped with NFC POSs.

    This brand new feature, that leverages the Mastercard Digital Enablement Service platform, provides you with three different payment patterns:

    1 Manual Mode:​ choose your card​ from the app ​(or the dedicated widget) ​and pay ​with your fingerprint;
    2 Automatic Mode: tap the POS​ to awaken the wallet with your favorite card pre-selected and complete the payment with your fingerprint by tapping again the POS;
    3 Unlock & Pay: Just unlock the phone with the fingerprint and tap the POS to complete your payment.

    ​Released on Google Play on January 5th, proximity payments are available for NFC-enabled devices with Android 4.4 or higher and work with all the Bank's Mastercard cards (credit, debit and prepaid).​

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    CheBanca! m-banking app released on stores

    CheBanca!’s new mobile banking is available for download on app stores. Passionately welcomed by the market with a 4.5/5 score, this brand new version of the App has been completely redesigned to be the easiest, most personal and intuitive way to interact with the Bank. Among the new features:

    • login with fingerprint without the hassle of entering the user code
    • availability of products’ balance directly in the pre-login area
    • product’s dashboard for asset management at a glance
    • account customization with profile photo

    The application is operated and hosted by Opentech within its Banking Grade Cloud Infrastructure, enabling high scalability and short time to market thanks to the adoption of CD / CI approaches.

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    BNL PAY and Hello! PAY now available in Stores

    We are proud to announce that from today the new wallet apps BNL PAY and Hello! PAY are available in stores. Based on a customization of the latest version of OpenPay, these solutions provide BNL and Hello bank! customers with a value-rich set of features to control the expenses made with cards, make online purchases with Masterpass, send money with Jiffy and pay for parking with BNL PAY and Hello! PAY are available in iOS and Android devices and will soon be released on Windows Phone smartphones.

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    New apps based on OpenPay for Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services Ltd

    Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services Ltd, a major issuer of prepaid cards in the Swiss market, has fully renewed its mobile offering «My Card» with new functionalities based on a customization of Opentech’s OpenPay. The solution is a feature-rich wallet that, thanks to the integration with the MasterCard inControl platform, enables an enhanced management of users’ cards.

    Through an easy-to-use control panel, users can now temporary put cards on hold and personalize the security settings of each card both by specifying the countries where transactions can be made and/or by enabling/disabling online purchases, online betting and gambling and NFC payments. In addition, users can set push or SMS alerts to be notified when a transaction is accepted or declined, when a minimum balance has been reached, and in case of card top-ups. Moreover, the user can add receipt photos and personal notes to transactions.

    The solution is fully operated by Opentech within its PCI DSS certified infrastructure.

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    WoW allows to pay for parking

    Thanks to a partnership between CheBanca! and, the mobile ticketing operator that plays as a hub between Banks and Public Transport Companies, WoW app can now be used to pay for parking. - the toll-parking service integrated within WoW - is currently available in Rome and Bologna, and will soon be extended to other major Italian cities.

    Pay for parking with is simple: after launching WoW, the user inserts the area where they want to park (also selectable by interactive map), the car plate and the duration (that can be changed at any moment). The payment is made only at the end of the parking period, with a direct charge on one of the payment tools that have been enrolled in WoW.

    This new feature is also available for the newly arrived Apple Watch, WoW by CheBanca! starts its path towards the era of SmartCities.

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    Jiffy is now available in YouPass by BNL

    Jiffy, the Italian interbanking P2P payment service, landed on YouPass. Thanks to this new feature - available on both Android and iOS apps - BNL Customers can now send and receive money in real time using their mobile phone number. An easy and convenient way to solve little problems of everyday life such as splitting the dinner bill between friends, or collecting money from a number of people for a group gift.

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    A renewed GUI and an important security update for the Italian ING DIRECT app

    The latest version of ING DIRECT Italy’s mobile banking is available in stores with a new look and an important security update.

    NEW LOOK. With a new graphical user interface - completely inspired by the best design standards of mobile platforms - the experience of ING DIRECT app is now more efficient and satisfying.

    SECURITY UPDATE. The most important change, however, is the integration of a strong authentication service – designed and provided by Opentech - that replaces the Grid Card with a software token generator, a solution that makes the authorization of operations even easier and more secure.

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    WoW by CheBanca! available in app stores!

    OPENTECH is proud to announce the release of WoW in stores, the wallet app by CheBanca! that enables remote payments and e-commerce purchases using the smartphone as a means of authentication and authorization.

    This app relies on OpenPay, the end-to-end solution designed by OPENTECH to ensure a fast and profitable commercial rollout avoiding integration impacts on the existing IT structures of the Bank. Among the OpenPay services: Bill and postal slip payments, Top ups, Money sending, e-commerce purchases with MasterPass.

    WoW is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone for all the Customers of CheBanca! and Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard cardholders.

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