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    OpenPay™ ACS

    Nowadays the explosive growth of e-commerce services has made the protection of online payments crucial for the business of a card issuer. In this scenario, a critical success factor is the availability of 3DS authentication services that are trustworthy, secure and able to not compromise the quality of the shopping experience of the Customers.

    OpenPay™ ACS is the State-of-the-Art 3DS authentication technology designed by Opentech to meet these needs in a distinctive way.

    A turn-key, scalable, SaaS solution

    OpenPay™ ACS is an EMVco and Mastercard ID Check certified solution that provides full support for 3DS 1.0 and 2.x authentication protocols by taking care of the whole 3DS authentication process: receiving 3D Secure messages, processing the messages, authenticating the cardholder, generating the authentication value.

    The solution is available in SaaS mode so as to require minimal integration efforts for the issuers while ensuring a quick time to market. This service model makes the platform completely scalable, providing reliability and service continuity also in case of unexpected or predictable peak loads (e.g. Black Friday or Christmas shopping).

    Different ways to authenticate

    OpenPay™ ACS provides the end-users with an unparalleled online purchase experience in terms of security, convenience, and ease of use. The solution includes different authentication methods with the aim of both satisfying the specific needs of different market segments and perfectly balancing security of the payments with user experience.

    Out of Band Authentication (OBA). The Out of Band Authentication turns the smartphone of the users into a signing device. Regardless of the purchase channel used, during the payment authentication the users will receive a push notification on their device containing a summary of the pending operation to be authenticated by entering a secret PIN or, even more simply, by carrying out a biometric recognition (OpenPay™ ACS supports both face recognition and fingerprint recognition).

    One Time Password (OTP). One Time Password is the traditional way to authenticate an operation. Users receive an OTP linked with the pending payment on their registered phone numbers; in order to authenticate they just have to enter the received code. OpenPay™ ACS supports the use of a dedicated password in conjunction with the OTP to meet the PSD2 requirements.

    Risk Based Authentication (RBA). The OpenPay™ ACS authentication process can be dynamically modulated by evaluating the score of each transaction based on the transaction risk. The OpenPay™ ACS can be integrated with the Mastercard risk engine or with a different engine provided by the Issuer. In this way it is possible to guarantee an optimal online shopping experience while avoiding to bother users in case of low-risk transactions.

    Merchant Whitelisting. The OpenPay™ ACS provides cardholders with the possibility to whitelist the merchants they trust. This approach guarantees the cardholders a frictionless payment experience with the merchants they use more frequently without compromises on security.

    PSD2 Compliance

    OpenPay™ ACS is a fully compliant PSD2 solution that perfectly balances the strict security requirements of the new Payment Service Directive with ease of use and effectiveness. This approach allowed OpenPay™ ACS to reach a remarkable approval rate higher than 90%.

    Know your Customers

    The OpenPay™ ACS platform includes an Administration Portal for Customer Support and Marketing Analysis. Thanks to this powerful tool, information about the 3DS authentications performed, the status of each operation and aggregate statistics about the usage and the performance of the service can be accessed at any time.